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Fearful to Faithful:  A Journey From Pain To Power In Jesus

This is Michelle's powerful personal testimony.  Intertwines personal stories, events, and choices that molded the course of her life with the evidence of God's presence throughout. An honest look at a rocky path with a happy ending that is encouraging & uplifting, as it conveys God's faithfulness and the love He has for us...even when we're not aware of it.


Our Faithful Father:  The Reality of God's Promises Fulfilled

This message is the shocking and painful story of Jack, Michelle's son, his weeks spent on life support at four years old, how the family was told he wouldn't live, and the true miracle of his healing and survival.  Includes Scriptural teaching on how we're directed to pray, God's promises for healing, and God's undying faithfulness.  A truly unbelievable story with an unforgettable, victorious ending...don't miss this one.


What To Expect When You're Expecting...An Answer To Prayer!

This is a humorous and highly applicable message comparing our needs & desires, how we pray for them and wait for God's it stretches & challenges us while we look to that delivery...the birth of what we've long awaited!  With many Scriptural references and lessons within, this is a fun and light-hearted message everyone can learn from.


Did I Say That Out Loud??

We've all felt that pit in our stomachs when something flies out of our mouths before we can catch it!  Sometimes what we say...or wish we didn' funny, mostly harmless.  Other times, it hurts feelings & wreaks havoc, even when we may not realize it.  The tongue is a powerful thing and can be a blessing or a or death.  This is a mostly light-hearted look at a serious topic.  Learn how much what you say affects every aspect of your life, for better or for worse.  Then learn how to lean on God & His word to help you make it better, because what you say leads to where you'll go & what you'll have...or not.


Growing Through Garbage By Grace...

Michelle is currently working on a book bearing this title as well, and this is sure to provoke a laugh as well as a look at how we MUST trust God in our most difficult moments. Also teaches about God's character and WHY we can trust Him and "lean not on our own understanding."  Digs in to Scripture that helps us get to know God a little better and conveys Michelle's passionate realization that God is the ONLY one to truly get us through the darkness to the dawn intact. 


The Fight of Your Life

Have you ever felt "down for the count?"  You've taken another BIG blow and it looks like just one more jab will take you out.  That's exactly the position the enemy of our souls wants us in...and when we ARE still able to get up for another round, he wants us believing we can't...that it's finished.  But GOD  is always there to step in, help us up, and walk into the next round WITH us.  Our fight against the enemy is VERY REAL.  We're told in the Bible that Satan comes to "kill, steal, and destroy."  That's serious business.  And we have serious power in Jesus.  There is NOTHING our enemy can do to us that GOD can't handle...but we have to know what to do.  This message will provide you with the "gloves" for the fight and show you how God has equipped us in His word for every round to the victory.  We ARE in the the fight of our lives...but we're guaranteed to be the champion when we follow God's plan and get serious about spiritual warfare.


Make No Mistake...

Make no mistake...GOD makes no mistakes.  And if you've ever struggled with your significance, wondered what you're here for, or questioned what God was thinking when He gave you the family you have, the talents you possess...or don't, or when the reality of your life is a faint shadow of what you'd envisioned, then this message is for you.  God knew everything about you long before you were here...He "knitted you together in your mother's womb" and God Almighty doesn't mess up.  He created you just as He wants you to be and He has a divine, special purpose for your life.  He hasn't left you hanging...He has made fantastic promises and even promises to keep His promises!  So don't be discouraged by your search for significance...if you've meandered off the path...if you're not sure what you're supposed to be doing while you're here.  The Bible says you can seek God for His purpose for your life and that He knows exactly where He wants you...and has equipped you for it!  So make no mistake...YOU are no mistake, nor is there a mistake that God can't forgive and help you through.


"And you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free."  John 8:32



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